AsCom Training Center

Dr. Samuel Renshaw, a professor of psychology at Ohio State University, pioneered the
concepts used in the Advanced Reading Workshop. During the Second World War, Dr.
Renshaw, in contract with the Department of War, developed a program to train our pilots,
gunners and spotters to see and recognize enemy aircraft at high rates of speed. After the
war, Renshaw, in partnership with The Keystone Corporation of Pennsylvania, created a
sight and recognition program to teach people to read faster. He has become known as the
“Father of Speed Reading.”

In 1967 AsCom Training Center was founded by Dave McGuire. He expanded Renshaw’s
philosophies and training methods to include higher levels of accuracy, concentration and
retention. In 1996, Doug McGuire purchased all the rights and equipment of AsCom
Training Center and has added new exercises to this workshop to further improve accuracy
and retention.

The Advanced Reading Workshop is geared toward adults in business and government who
are inundated with all levels of reading from light reading to technical material. Along with
improving reading management skills, study techniques have been added for people involved
in research or advancing their education.

The techniques taught will automatically increase reading speed, however the focus is on
applying different rates to different types of materials. For some things 1000 words per
minute may not be fast enough and for others 200 words per minute may be too fast. One
must develop flexibility in the rates used. A tachistoscopic projector is used to train people to
see more things wider and faster. Instead of focusing on one word at a time techniques are
taught for reading groups of words by widening the span of perception while minimizing the
sub-vocalizing process and then how it applies to different types of material and formats.
LEFT PHOTO: With the benefit of
group dynamics, sight and recognition
techniques are used to replace old
"Dick and Jane" reading habits. A
variety of eye-brain exercises in the
program widen the span of perception,
reduce the fixation rate and increase
reading speed.
RIGHT PHOTO: Also included in the
workshop is time for individual practice
on reading "pacer" machines. With these
machines students can develop
techniques of rate and flexibility that
meet their particular needs. Results are
shared only with the instructor.
AsCom Training Center
P.O. Box 636 Wooster, Ohio 44691
(330) 263-0051
Reading management training for business, government and higher education.

Improving reading skills is one of the most progressive steps a person can take
to advance a career or personal life.
A partial list of companies and agencies trained over the last 12 years include:
The General Accountability Office,The Department of Defense, The Bureau of the Census,  
NASA, The International Trade Administration, Rubbermaid, BP Oil of America, Pinnacle
Health System, PPG and Good Samaritan Hospital.